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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 19, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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violent beating of a dog were shared of social media and the minute video is a graphic pierre >> and kron 4 news your totals about this disturbing video and was the people's response caught. >> we should tell you the dog is ok and now with the court is. >> kron4 is just an waldman has the story policy of kron4 appeared >> lyondell adnan beat a 10 month old six to pickup appeared >> and to the doll whales in pain >> and then comes a quick kick. >> the person who posted it has is to leave it this form is to graeme. >> when i saw the video i was justppalled furyk the
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tortured is a dog was in during just brought mark here >> so upset this kron 4 news you're the guy wants to show her face or use her name. >> she tells me she is out race along could unleash such thing on of coffee feared >> it takes a special person to be able to fill some like this and then posted for everyone to see feared >> i was actually afraid of the dog may have died during this event. >> the sergeant tells me that the alameda county sheriff's office is now investigating the abused. and after being alerted of the video and more control didn't wear for a check and confiscated all as to dog as a precaution. >> they're now being cared for at the try valley animal shelter in dublin.
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>> according to the people to the dogs today they said appeared to be in good shape very healthy ribbons in their hair and everything did our show in the size of neglect. on to the per person who posted the biggest air video defends the beating. >> she ate my mom's $300 sambos yet she gets beat. >> the trick is not an even know the terror that dollars does in my house. she deserved it anything. >> and some people don't know the difference between animal cruelty and then discipline appeared >> some of the post had been removed. i want to be aware of this and we need to take the step of abuse serious character alive this is a pitcher of the public from the vial of video now her name is lovey she's fiat of forces will keep on said it is clear she will never beaten like this again.
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>> i'm glad they are safe makes me hopefully they will file haven't life that they deserve. >> it is a person would be the aersonal to the video poker face felony animal cruelty charges if arrested the case is still under investigation. >> share deputies are looking for a car believed to be related to a homicide at the paradise cable rate which is on contra costa their ground still looking for a 1999 toyota sold our similar to this one appeared >> the victim was a 31 year- old amber a bang gang of oakland she was shot to death early this month to of
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a shooting victims survive in a way stephen chao was hit by bullets appeared >> in hayward a sleeping
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child was hit by a bullet. it happened inside her home on a 27,000 block of tampa ave. police say the shooting happened around 2:00 a.m. today, but no one called 9114 hours. >> some neighbors neighbors say they find that troubling. >> i have a daughter in that that happens i will call the police. >> i felt this nibble will be safe and not having people do that as the issue should 18 year-old girl appeared >> its ally seven shots in rapid succession. >> police said the family
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is claiming they did realize what happened at first. said the only notice that she was bleeding later in the morning. >> the 10 year-old girl is expected to be ok. >> new to violate city leaders in walnut creek is talk of their work rather they should raise the weight on parking meters. >> kron4 is phillipe djegal is liven walnut creek with more on what is talk about peer >> the city's chief traffic engineer is proposing meter changes in a meeting that is about wrapping up here at city hall. >> this is all a part of a public out reach. >> increasing marin meter rates would fill up the city's underused parking garages. >> when the-high rates will go from $1 and hour to $2 and our people.
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>> this will make walnut creek the most expensive place to park and custer county. >> city leaders have a first virtual prove a ban all. >> walnut creek is making the move to be mostly smoke- free next year appeared >> city leaders have made a first firm to approve a ban on smoking in most of the city's downtown area appeared >> also in around apartment
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buildings appeared the ban is not official yet but some are good that it goes too far. but the city say as many of the people like the idea. >> especially if they are living in an apartment next to smoke was cleared >> a final vote is set for next month. the band is expected to go into effect by december. smokers could face fines starting at $100. >> the oakland a's and pushed for the playoffs also means to push for tighter security at the coliseum. >> there have been calls for more security at ballparks across the u.s.. >> someone measures similar to ones used by the end f l appeared
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>> to tell us more dan will be there is live at the coliseum. >> people have to walk through the security gates and go through metal detectors and they also have to be wanted stand by a wall and the va in the period >> if there is an edge and need to do an end should check outside of the metal detectors there are people standing by to use a electronic wand. >> i talked to some of the fans of payment earlier today and they think that this is a good idea to in
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>> why not be safe there do and is that the war is feared i feel safer state's one fan. >> the oakland a's say that you should give yourself a little bit more time to get to the games of the king get cleared to security and then get your seat. >> the procedure starts today not all gates have the metal detectors however by sunday all gates will have the metal detectors at all entrances. >> and ahead at eight dan taps was caught public issue of homosexuality and the catholic church. >> ahead at 8 the pope gang
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tackles the hot-button issue of homosexuality and the catholic church. >> also people across the bay area are already lining up and were just hours away from the release of the new iphone is. >> coming up next >> coming up tomorrow will have coolant temperatures and a chance of rain will have coolant temperatures and a[ trina ] i'm a student at devry university. and these are my roommates. this is one of my favorite professors. and so is this. this is my academic advisor. and also my cheerleader. and when i finish my degree in business... a new job, at a great company... that's the graduation present i want. [ male announcer ] in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area. learn how at
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bart could be increasing our charles clifford has edited details on a new report that shows crime is on the rise appeared >> according to bart latest quarterly servers performance review the april to june by a crime such as homicide rate robbery and aggravated assault will all from the quarter before and hired door of the same time. last year appeared >>, the bart has set a goal of just two such incidents for every 1 million passenger trips, but they have failed to me that mark.
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>> the increase in crime is happening despite a new era for barkley's to keep repeat invited offenders are the trains. back in may officers were given the authority to ban people from riding the trains that they committed a violent crime or were caught selling to lodes. >> offenders who commit minor offenses like vandalism can also be banned if they are called multiple times. a possible explanation for the car increase is the bart riders should is growing. an average day during the last quarter 3900144 people bart death of 614% from the same quarter last year appeared >> the bart police carmen has 206 officers who are is also for larger 104 mi. of track and control of 44 stations appeared >> as if this is so charged quirk of 4 news appeared >> now we have people
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behaving badly with stanley roberts >> you could see sideshow's happening which are illegal. >> side shows happens just
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about every week oakland and some of them ended in violence. >> many of the participants argue that they are peaceful the bids until the police arrived here >> but i argue how are they peaceful is their residents are held hostage in aldon new low in this sound of tires swingeing aldo the night here >> in oakland seven robbers kron 4 news. >> the washington navy yard where three there was a mass shooting just three days ago when we open today appeared >> employees are back to work. many of them are still shaken by the shin. it was 13 people died in to the
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government. the building were in half has not fully agree open and the fbi is using the base gm as a staging area appeared >> in the first in-depth interview since becoming pope the leader of the catholic church talks about homosexual audi appeared >>, paul francis told a magazine that he feels he has no right to interfere as bridge in the lives of all sectors. >> he said some one guy looks at a gay person does he endorse the existence of those persons with low or reject a good deal of this person or to mark their >> " what the pope is said is that when we look human beings i've ever met or will we don't look of their sexual gender their identity they're human beings first and foremost it " appeared >> early this year the pope surprised if we told reporters on my to do is gay people ". >> the church's traditional condemns homosexual acts. allied pows will vote on a
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measure to fund the government but the fall of the nation's health-care law. >> the bill was certain pest house and almost certainly fail in this sense it said it appeared >> there result could be a government shutdown which will affect them is like paychecks apparel workers, some biden government programs, and shutter some museums and parks. >> even if the government shutdown is avoided congress still has to vote to raise the debt ceiling this fall. so the government can keep paying its bills. >> republicans are promising to take the fight over obama creek to the bait as well. >> another person has another person has been found dead from the flooding in colorado brandon death toll to seven. >> three others are missing and presumed dead.
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>> and there are still evacuation's although some people are refusing to leave their homes. >> at least 17 counties have been affected. >> our route to london people are still missing. that's down from a peak of more than 1000 appeared >> is leave most of the missing are ok and just haven't checked in with a party spirit >> for friday there are big changes will start to see clouds in the afternoon with a chance of rain in the north bay as we head into the evening. >> we're talking '70s and a few low 80s to mark as well appeared >> as you move into saturday we will see more rain in the morning. >> the rain " approached the coast line by friday afternoon so by friday morning we will see that rain. >> wahl what are the debris
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appeared >> , an up note 8 honesty pays. you can't beat the homeless man who fouled thousands of dollars and turned in to police. >> and how another man touched by the good deed is now helping him out here >> coming up gave us slate will show you the best way
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to give one of the new eyefolds tomorrow before they sell out. >> coming up is gave slate will show you the best way to get one of the new iphone tomorrow before they sell out. >> google, what is glossophobia? glossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. ♪
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the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪ ♪
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homeless man in boston named levitt james turned in a $40,000 he fell to police people are around the country are raising that amount and more for him. >> rise insurance has this story appeared >> i just want to thank you so much for being so kind
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state glenn james about the kinds of people raising money for him. >> he has been homeless since 2005 and he turned in $40,000 that he fine found now people raising money for him and have started a website near >> in just 24 hours they have raised thousands of dollars. >> those donations will help me get a brand new start in life stays james beard >> there's no way i could have taken a penny of that money stays here in >> the flag down a police officer and help identify the all appeared >> now of a complete strangers of trying to get him a new life appeared >> at last check the
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donations now total more than $100,000 for glenn james who was homeless. >> still ahead are rising star is talking about troubles that he had and how historic in changer like here >> will have more we come back after the break of kron4 news. >> [ maragno ] if the car was invented today,
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talk about their release of the new iphone. >> dave slate has everything you need to know about the new phone. >> the thrill of the new as faded a little bit amongst iphone fans and you conceive that there are a about a dozen people in line in front of the al will store on university avenue here in palo alto. >> the number one person and
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>> has been waiting for one week and is running a charity for veterans. >> so i am first and live in a veterans place and i always be first in line. >> i believe that veterans deserve the best in our freedom calls because of a veteran and i am standing in line for a veteran. analyzed is one of the people of this data line for one we hear >> those who are standing in line say they do that it has been a tradition for several years. >> doors open at 88 yen
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tamara and airlines will get a really big around 6:00 a.m. the morning appeared >> continuing our team car bridge if you want to get a new iphone tamara architect, reporter dave slate is here to give you some advice. >> there is a lot of inventory of the oddball 5 c. the line if you one fell one tamara you should be able to go to any store of apple and then >> get one appeared >> except for the yellow you will not find tomorrow. it is already sold out on the pre order feared >> the iphone by s the $200
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iphone that is a whole nother story we are hearing that the inventory is really low for that model. and that could be a big problem tried to find that one especially the gold >> if you want and i found some are and you want to see what lies a like or if you want to just glad that the people alive be sure to tune in to kron4 newsom will be out there and will show you what sworn on the apple
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store is always have the most inventory on launch day. >> your best bet is to go to the apple store if you want the iphone 5 s. >> they believe it was still out of the iphone 5 s by friday. >> we are hearing that the carriers and the electronic stores have very low inventory of the iphone as pick >> again if you wanted to mar the apple store is the best place to go. >> taking your card iphone and trade if possible here >> sprint will give you a $100 discount to jump carias and get an iphone from them. >> you get a free eye brows seat or free if you decide to trade in your current
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carrier and use correct. >> if you want a good solid brand new iphone trice brett. >> so if you wanna get the chuted to mental kron4 new will be officially was going on. >> coming up the power lowball jackpot will show you where the winning ticket was sold appeared >> also an actor who is working to end up bullying. >> will have more on the news we come back on kron4 new spirit >> at a-my hawk is in the
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hit show ray donovan. he says a young man with to read syndrome motivated him to share his story personal story experience with this order appeared nude >> sanjay group has a story appeared >> at the worst in bullying on showtimes are ray donovan the fighting takes place in the wing.
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>> but when the camera stops rolling-fights for something rare. i've had to correct central since i was 6 years old. part of the reason i became an actor was part because i was experience so well in hiding it and i was acting all the time appeared >> with-is acting you barely notice his threats appeared >> a look at what happens when he loses that focus or becomes distracted appeared >> directed is a neurological disorder which causes repetitive involuntary movements even sound sometimes are card takes appeared >> warren of the new york city can be a very tough place. you know schools are tough enough but in new york there's so many people around that there's people look into all the time. >> peretz is genetic and as it turns out both of my talks older sisters have it
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as well here he is at age 11 talk about threats with his twin in the video for the threats and brought association appeared >> that does come a long way since appear in the fields romeo and juliet. their thin red line. and silver linings playboy appeared >> why his career was taken off it was the report was seen and not come caught-as i his name is gail r. allen appeared was a young man with arrest syndrome who was brave enough to start his own website to educate people about to read since from. >> to get the jail and in- captive their student audience worked with janus challenge foundation to put a stop to bullying when they're not raising awareness about and often is understood this order they hang out like brothers.
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>> the national to read sandro's association was that founded in 1972 appeared there now more than 30 chapters across the u.s. including northern california, but will tell you where that winning power ball ticket was sold. >> back after the prepared >> the $400 million power
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ball jackpot is going to somebody in the small town of lexington and south carolina appeared >> to what has not yet come ford were appeared to align so we might never hear what appeared >> people in lexington say they are shocked it happened in their little town appeared >> it is the biggest power
8:44 pm
ball ticket sold in south carolina ever and the biggest in history. >> what are looking live at oakland we have a clear skies out there right now temperatures are a little cool and will cool off later tonight. >> we have been big changes ahead and rain into the weekend will talk about that more after the break. >> as you look outside right
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now at satellite pictures we can see that it is clear. >> tomorrow temperatures will be cooler as the cooler air moves into the bay area
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appeared >> to the jews will be in the '70s and the north bay to market. >> '60s and '70s in the east bay shoreline. >> made in the '70s to the no. 8 to march >> a chance of showers tomorrow evening in the north day. >> thunderstorms as we move into the early afternoon in the north the bay to mark appeared >> south of the golden gate conditions will be improving to mark appeared >> saturday evening the temperature will call down appeared >> in sports the giants and rule could reduce play appeared >> will have gary radnich on sports we come back from the
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break. >> now the sports report
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with the gary radnich appeared >> in sports the giant is go naked cab or in the new city pier >> and the dodgers go for a swim in the arizona diamondbacks pool.
8:52 pm
>> dodgers won their first divisional title since 2009 appeared >> they jumped into the diamondbacks swimming pool. >> the diamondbacks at the dodgers not to celebrate on their home turf appeared >> they celebrated in the diamondbacks the swimming pool appeared >> giants won eight of 11
8:53 pm
appeared >> you could say what you want about the giants but the spirit >> bumgarner says down travis omar quentin the and knees to strike out the side appeared >> final to the one giants appeared >> to lopez got his first save of the season appeared >> giants win today appeared >> how bill lopez out of the bullpen. >> the veteran players made the work these dress up to date since they are in new york with a little minor
8:54 pm
hazing they just come up in times square as nec the cowboys appeared >> that is right now are in the fifth inning. >> they are leading that twins a 2 to one appeared >> the oakland a's are going to be in the post season. >> detroit will go to the playoffs as well. >> the tigers win today, five to four appeared >> the 49% one fell into the
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indian actors appear in >> its tweet we're featuring a high-school coach appeared >> each week we are featuring high-school coach to receive $1,000 to help their football program here >> the coach of the week
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this year is from sacred heart cathedral appeared >> congratulations coach. >> that is it for kron 4 news have a good night appeared >>
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please tell me this isn't gonna be another mortgage-fraud case. what's wrong with mortgage-fraud cases? they're boring. you stare at paperwork all day. you could stare at prison bars all day. oh, you still playing that card? makes me smile.
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[ elevator bell dings ] man: get out of the way. why all the craziness? i don't know. this can't be good. peter, uh, hughes wants to see you right away. all right. so, is this what it looked like when i escaped? i don't know. i was working important cases. what's going on? the bureau's missing an agent. that isn't good. yeah, he's an undercover from the d.c. office. we lost contact with him 12 hours ago. what do you think happened? i don't know. could be in trouble, could be laying low. we're not sure. we need somebody who understands money laundering. excuse me. i have an important case to deal with. this is agent mark costa. he was posing as a drug trafficker looking to clean some dirty cash through this guy --


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